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What is Sentiment Algo ?

Sentiment Algo is a behavioral analysis algorithm that measures the psychological state of the market using stock market data analytics and order book data.

Sentiment Algo is based on data analytics and order book data as its working principle. (Sentiment Algo is not an automated robot and/or an integrated system for sale.)

You can benefit from advanced features of Sentiment Algo with our mobile and web applications.

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Sentiment Algo

How to use?


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Our app shares Daily Sentiment and Momentum data and graphs with you for free.


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You can purchase monthly, 3-month and 6-month packages and premium packages.


What does it provide?

Premium packages give you access to 'Daily Instant Sentiment', 'Hourly Sentiment', 'Hourly Oscillator' data and Crypto Sentiment Data

How does it work?


Data Analytics – Order Book

Sentiment Algo generates three core values using data analytics and order book. These; Sentiment (Psychological Value) - Momentum (Concentration) - Oscillator (Mobility)


Market Psychology

The most important factor affecting prices is the change in market psychology. Working basis of Sentiment Algo; It sets the goal of transforming the real psychology of the markets into a measurable – mathematical value.


Behavioural Analysis

Sentiment Algo is based on behavioural analysis. This gives investors the opportunity to discover a new type of analysis that excels technical and fundamental analysis tools.


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Frequently asked Questions

How to Use Sentiment Algo??

First, you need to download the Sentiment Algo Mobile App from the app store of the operating system you are using.
After installing the application on your phone, you must create a profile by entering your e-mail and password. After creating your profile, you are ready to use Sentiment Algo. You can use Sentiment algo from the desktop application web.zephlex.com with the same e-mail and password.
Sentiment Algo is based on data analytics as its working principle. (Sentiment Algo is not an automated robot and/or an integrated system for sale.)

What Sentiment Algo produces??

- Sentiment Algo produces the data and graphs we call Daily and Hourly Sentiment, Instant Sentiment, Momentum and Oscillator.
- Daily Sentiment – The weather forecast of the financial market.
- Hourly Sentiment – Shows hourly psychological cycles – from good to bad to worse.
- Instant Sentiment - It is the hourly and 15-minute period of the mood of the stock market.
- Oscillator – Shows buyer-seller balances to catch big moves.

What Sentiment Algo uses??

-In all organized stock markets, order data – that is, data analytics – is sold for a fee. For Crypto Sentiment we using order book data.
- Data analytics are also provided by Borsa İstanbul for a fee.
- This big data is continuously processed by the Sentiment Algorithm; The buyer-seller balances in the stock market are followed.
- In other words, Sentiment Algo does data analysis at its core.
- Analysing data correctly is the most important issue of our age.

What is Sentiment Algo daily report??

- Sentiment Algo daily report are delivered to Info Yatırım and Halk Yatırım customers every morning in cooperation with İnfo Yatırım and Halk Yatırım
- Sentiment Algo Reports can also be accessed from the Info Trade Pro – Sentiment Algo page and Halk Yatırım AOS system
- In this report, besides the Sentiment charts, both Daily Sentiment and Market commentary, and a list of stocks with buy order concentration are given.
- Sentiment Algo has started to share these notes as of June 2020.
- Every day, these reports become mentor to a very serious number of people

What is Crypto Sentiment??

Crypto Sentiment is a system in which Sentiment Algo conducts behavioural analysis in crypto markets, using its own algorithm, based on order book data. It aims to predict the movements in the market by analysing the general investor behaviour in the crypto markets.

What is the Crypto Sentiment report? What does it contain??

It is the daily report of Crypto Sentiment that reached 150 thousand people in cooperation with ICRYPEX – Sentiment Algo in 2021-2022. This report provides both a daily direction forecast and shares the coins that are concentrated in buy and sell orders; It answers the question of which coin should I buy and when. It will also start to be shared on our telegram channel at this time. At the same time, our own discord work has started.
Being in the «right position at the right time» is very important for those who trade in financial markets. While publishing this report, our main aim will be to ensure this.

How to Use Crypto Sentiment??

The primary purpose of Crypto Sentiment is; “Which crypto asset should I buy and when?” is to answer the question. To do this, we share Crypto Sentiment charts in Sentiment Algo moibl app. We aim to gain a third perspective in the crypto market with user-friendly and easy-to-understand data and graphics.

What are Sentiment Algo buy – sell order concentrated stocks and cryptos??

It is the list of shares and cryptos that are shared every day in Sentiment Algo and Crypto Sentiment reports.
- Sentiment Algo examines all shares (cryptos) in the market for orders; and some stocks (cryptos), especially positive or negative differentiations are noticed.
- These differentiations are not always reflected in the price and cannot be seen with the naked eye.
- Sentiment Algo states these differentiations in its report; Statistically, these stocks (cryptos) show a relatively positive or negative performance compared to the index.
- If sectoral differences are noticed in the comments, they are also mentioned.

What is Sentiment Algo and Crypto Sentiment daily market comment??

As of June 2020, Sentiment Algo report are available to investors every morning. (as of November 21 also Crypto Sentiment)
- In these reports, daily market comments made on Sentiment are shared.
- These comments are written by us using all Sentiment data to guide investors and give them a different perspective.
- Going beyond the reality known in the market; It is a demonstration of what is happening behaviourally in the background.

How to use Sentiment Algo?

You can use the link here to access the Sentiment Algo user guide.

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