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Sentiment Algo ile Davranışsal Analiz

Who are we?

Zephlex Information Technologies Educaiton and Consultancy Inc. was founded in November 2020 by Güray Nur and R. Tümay Şahin.
The reports they create for Turkey's leading financial institutions, both with Sentiment Algo and with the Crypto Sentiment brand, reach hundreds of thousands of investors; It also serves individual investors with the Sentiment Algo mobile application and the web.zephlex.com desktop application.
Believing in the future and vision of our company, Ideal Data Financial Technologies Inc., become 10% or our partner. Zephlex is taking firm steps towards the goal of being a strong player both locally and globally with the algorithms they have developed on behavioral analysis and different projects they have developed in both domestic and crypto markets. .

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R. Tümay Şahin & Güray Nur

Sentiment Algo

Our Mission

By giving a new perspective to the investment markets, to help investors with low financial literacy rate to invest in financial markets under more equal conditions with the understanding of “Right Time Investment” and “Strategic Risk Management”, and to ensure that the system becomes a global ecosystem with its stakeholders.

Our Vision

Bringing a third dimension to the world of Technical Analysis,

Bringing market psychology into a measurable numerical value,

To create an innovative ecosystem that constantly develops itself,

Increasing the financial literacy rate,

To become an unconventional and alternative investment tool that investors can use in the decision-making process,

Establishing a signal network that will horizontally connect global markets,

To contribute to the development of financial markets

Our Business Partners

We are in strong cooperation to provide better service to Sentiment Algo users. We do not stop improving ourselves day by day.

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