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Recently, individual investors interest in Borsa Istanbul and financial markets has increased more than ever before. As a natural result of this situation, Financial Literacy has become a very important issue. Individual investors who are new to the stock market and financial markets can only protect their investments with Financial Literacy and turn to the right investment in financial markets.

We believe that financial literacy will develop on stronger foundations by sharing experiences and lived examples apart from information such as technical and fundamental analysis that can be learned by reading.

Transfer of experience to the investor; It will provide the three most important basic elements to be successful in the markets, such as psychological preparation for the markets, the formation of disciplinary awareness and the integration of a systematic approach.

As the Sentiment Algo team, we created the MARKET PSYCHOLOGY AND TRADING DISCIPLINE TRAINING (ADVANCED LEVEL) and SENTIMENT ALGO ADVANCED LEVEL TRAINING, so that all individual investors can benefit by adding our experience and knowledge.

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