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Example Implementation of Futures Market

On this page, we share with you the sample application of how we would trade in the futures market with Sentiment Algo data.

After downloading the Excel file, you can examine it and read our explanations below.

1st calculation: Trades created by keeping the oscillator in the minus or plus area.

2nd calculation: Trades created by momentum’s minus or plus value.

3rd Calculation: What kind of transaction logic would we set up using all the data we have (Daily and Hourly). You can see the explanations.

Includes data for the period from December 7th to August 13th; You can follow up with the total scores on the bottom lines divided into different periods that we share.

On the bottom line, you can see the total score calculation of the periods.

With Sentiment Algo, you can get one step closer to the World of Behavioral Analysis.

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